Steep and Technical


31st July, 10 – 1pm, Manaughty Trails, Moray

18th August, 1-4pm Dallas Trails, Moray





The steep and technical course is aimed at intermediate - advanced riders.

This course will teach you how to find grip and stay in control when the terrain is steep and loose. You will gain an understanding of how to ride awkward roots and tackle steep tight corners with ease. Rocks, off cambre sections, step downs and drops and some of the features we will encounter.

Each course location will focus on a specific trail with challenging terrain. We will have fun tackling it, organically building the specific skills and confidence necessary to do so! You can attend multiple Steep and Technical courses if you wish as every session will be different and adapted to the riders attending.

Grab your friends and share the joy of nailing sections together.

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31st July 10 – 1pm Manaughty Trails Moray, 18th August, 1- 4pm Dallas Trails Moray